2013: A Year in Review

By Atos Apprenda Support


Sometimes, when a team is laser focused on execution, we lose track of what we have accomplished over the course of a year. I love writing year-end posts because it forces one to inventory progress made and to acknowledge successes and failures outright. When doing this for 2013, all I can say is “Wow!” 2013 was a year of growth for Apprenda and a wider realization of the benefits PaaS offers enterprises of all sizes.

Let’s Recap:

jpmorgan_chase_logoThe year began with adding to a team that would continue forging the path in cloud computing’s most disruptive category. In February, Apprenda announced that banking juggernaut JPMorgan Chase had become a new customer, an announcement that continues to affect the industry long afterwards. After all, if JPMorgan Chase is able to house the largest private-PaaS environment on the planet utilizing the Apprenda platform, it stands to reason Apprenda PaaS can handle the needs of any organization. Additionally, this customer announcement also coincided with the announcement of Apprenda’s support for Java (adding to its already existing support for .NET). At the time, these announcements were the largest in company history.  From there, things only got better.

Awards, Recognition, & Thought Leadership

40-Slideshow00-304In March, our local business community awarded its “40 Under 40 Award” to Abe Sultan and myself.  Abe is a co-founder with me and also VP of Engineering.  Apprenda’s third co-founder, Matt Ammerman (our VP of Client Services), has also received this award. Our company culture was also locally recognized as one of the best in Albany’s Capital Region. Additionally, we were named as one of the top 100 cloud computing experts on Twitter (#42) and our platform was dubbed one of the “20 coolest cloud platform vendors.”  Keep in mind that, compared with our massive, late-to-the-party competition, we are significantly smaller. Yet despite this, we have managed to make a name for ourselves in private cloud.

Gartner-03Also of particular importance was a June report by prestigious analyst firm Gartner that evaluated Apprenda as the clear market leader in .NET cloud platform options. Why was this so important? Because it clearly demonstrates that Apprenda understands and meets the requirements of any enterprise.

TransformLogo-592x332Also in June, Apprenda sponsored its first professional development event entitled “TRANSFORM.” The event was geared towards IT executives and developers aiming to enhance their understanding of Enterprise PaaS. Distinguished leaders in PaaS and private cloud spoke, attracting participants from around the world.

Q3 & Beyond

In 2013, Apprenda accomplished significant traction in the financial services industry with 10 major banks running our platform in production or pilot. memorial-sloan-ketteringParalleling this success, Apprenda also advanced its footprint in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. In 2012, pharmaceutical giant AmerisourceBergen joined the ranks of our customer list. In 2013, Memorial Sloan Kettering, one of the world’s largest dedicated cancer treatment centers, also chose Apprenda to meet their Enterprise PaaS needs.

In Q4 Apprenda announced that McKesson had chosen Apprenda’s Enterprise PaaS platform for .NET and Java. Since McKesson is the largest healthcare / pharmaceutical company in the U.S., this announcement adds much more weight to a huge market signal for Enterprise PaaS in healthcare IT. These customers joined a fast-growing list of other Fortune 500 companies who are using Apprenda technology as the cornerstone of their private clouds–fueling innovation through highly-efficient next-gen app development. When looking at our customer base (including those we’ve announced and those who remain confidential), every other Enterprise PaaS vendor is two years behind.

Finishing Strong

Where did all this momentum lead us? It has led Apprenda to even further growth. This past November, we announced that Apprenda has received $16 million in additional venture capital funding via Series C financing. This investment in our growth is a further validation of the disruptively powerful qualities of Enterprise PaaS. Apprenda’s goal is not only to maintain our lead as #1, but expand the gap with our competition even further. Helping organizations grow by embracing cloud technology that drive innovation in software is what we’re all about. And what we’re all about is changing the way the world works.

nyWe’re also changing the way tech companies are founded and run. Recently dubbed as the “anti-Silicon Valley startup” by Forbes Magazine, we’ve accomplished our successes from an unexpected location. And we’ve taken all this as a sort-of rallying call. In fact, the anti-Silicon Valley idea is spreading.

2013 was a great year: the best to date for Apprenda. But we won’t rest on our laurels. Our focus is to make 2013 just a building block for an even more phenomenal 2014 and beyond. Our goal for 2014, given this additional funding and our customer growth, is to double our size in the next twelve months.

I’m proud of what the Apprenda team has accomplished and I’m thankful to be part of something incredible. Keep your eyes on us — the best is yet to come.


Atos Apprenda Support