Learn About the Significant Benefits of Private PaaS:
“The Next Era of Enterprise IT”

Download the white paper to learn how Private PaaS delivers significant benefits including: lower costs, increased agility, & faster time-to-market.


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You’ll learn about the significant benefits of Private PaaS including:

  • REDUCED COSTS: Greatly improved infrastructure utilization, removing human configuration tasks via self-service interfaces.
  • INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY & AGILITY: Simplified application deployment, management, and scaling, boosting productivity through shared services.
  • FASTER TIME-TO-MARKET: App deployment in minutes (rather than weeks & months) through a self-service utility model that bypasses app or server configuration.
  • REDUCED COMPLEXITY: Simplified app management by freeing apps from infrastructure and enforcing a common, inheritable architecture.
  • STREAMLINED APP MANAGEMENT: Management of all apps in a central place to prevent worries about being outside the bounds of IT governance.

About Apprenda

Apprenda is the leading enterprise Platform as a Service (PaaS) powering the next generation of enterprise software development in public, private and hybrid clouds. As a foundational software layer and application run-time environment, Apprenda abstracts away the complexities of building and delivering modern software applications, enabling enterprises to turn ideas into innovations faster. With Apprenda, enterprises can securely deliver an entire ecosystem of data, services, applications and APIs to both internal and external customers across any infrastructure. Recognized as a Private PaaS leader in a recent Gartner report, Apprenda’s clients include major enterprises such as JPMorgan Chase, AmerisourceBergen, and McKesson.