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Apprenda OneCloud with Microsoft Azure

The Industry's First Turnkey
Hybrid Cloud Solution from Apprenda & Microsoft


"The combination of Apprenda and Azure helps customers transform their datacenter into a high-efficiency application platform by incorporating public cloud resources, on their own terms."

Logo Steven Martin, General Manager

One Cloud. Your Terms.

Apprenda OneCloud with Microsoft Azure provides enterprise organizations with a turnkey hybrid cloud solution.  Apprenda’s leading Enterprise PaaS creates a software layer over existing data center investments and Azure public IaaS, transforming a customer’s environment into a policy-driven application platform.  Enterprise organizations can now move applications back and forth amongst private and public environments using automated deployment policies, ensuring compliance with security and governance requirements.

With this new joint solution from Apprenda and Microsoft enterprise organizations can:

  • Enable policy-driven hybrid cloud scenarios
  • Boost developer and IT productivity
  • Modernize existing apps & build cloud apps faster
  • Manage apps and hybrid infrastructure with ease
  • Extend the platform with custom / 3rd party services

Special Offer!

As part of this new joint solution, customers who license Apprenda will now receive a fully configured Azure infrastructure footprint out-of-the-box at no additional cost, ensuring that you can seamlessly leverage public cloud as a feature of your datacenter from day one.


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